Send “You don’t get it, they want to KILL you!” for my character’s reaction.

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i’m still active, i swear.

i just don’t feel like doing anything.

especially tonight.

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in all my years that i have been on this earth i have not played spin the bottle once. does this mean that i’ve never actually lived? do a lot of people actually even play spin the bottle? or is its importance and prevalence stretched and exaggerated in media? these are the questions of the hour

Are teen parties with alcohol and red solo cups even real?!!?!

Has anyone ever participated in a food fight?!?

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Message From the Major

Yo! So I hit the big ol’ 100 followers mark, and I thought that since I can’t make graphics to save my life, and my gifs and icons are hella basic, I’d do a Follow Forever! I’m not going to do any sappy comments for anyone this time, even though there are some sappy comments that could be made about them, because I’m awful at that sort of thing. So maybe next time. :P Anyway! As a whole; thank you to everyone who has given myself and Jazzy a chance and started threads/followed us. It means so much that you guys are here and I can’t wait to see where everything goes!
To my Captains & my First and Second Lieutenants; you’ve done Major Whitlock proud. ;D

Captains || People who make me glad I started this blog.

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Nothing makes you look more suspicious than randomly laughing while doing science, because you know who else randomly laughs while doing science? Supervillians.

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❝ How do you stay so strong? ❞


❝ What do you mean?

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Reblog if you DISLIKE Justin Bieber









holy shit, the notes….


This has more notes than the ‘Make Dean in gym shorts the most reblogged pic on tumblr’

1 million more than the last time this crossed my dash.



11mio. o.O just wow

I’m glad that my gif is still there

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